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The Team

Dan Schlund

Dan Schlund

Owner / Pilot

Dan began his training in the year 2000 under the tutelage of Kinnie and did his first professional free flight in 2015 for the MTV  Video Music Awards.

Dan worked his way to Managing Director as well as piloting the Rocketbelt in 25+ countries and 6 continents.

In 2001 Dan purchased the Rocketman personal to continue Kinnie’s vision and to train new pilots.


Kinnie Gibson

Kinnie Gibson


Kinnie created the Rocketman persona, with more than a thousand flights to his credit more than 30 years ago. Kinnie has performed for presidents and royalty, including the King of Pop.  Kinnie is a Rock star in the sky.

Besides being the original Rocketman, Kinnie was a professional stuntman, doubling Chuck Norris for the majority of his career.  Kinnie was an accomplished hot air balloon pilot and business owner.

Kinnie sadly passed away in 2015 to cancer and was responsible to making the Rocketman franchise what it is today.

Shannon Gibson

Shannon Gibson

Flight Director

Shannon is part of the original Rocketman team, and with over 25 years in the business his experience and expertise make him second to none when dealing with the mechanics and flight training of the Rocketbelt. Shannon plays a vital role in the safety of each flight through his diligence in working with the machine and his unique position as advisor to the Rocketbelt pilots.

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