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The Rocketman team recently returned from a trip deep in to the heart of Russia to for a
stunning performance in the Siberian city of Ekaterinburg.

Tension was high at the celebration for this nearly 300-year-old city. The launch point, a
local favorite, is a bridge frequented by starry-eyed couples who fasten ceremonial locks
on to the rails, a statement of their binding commitment to one another. Once the lock is
placed the couple then throws the key in the canal below, a symbolic gesture love that
cannot be unbound. This bridge on any other day would have been dotted with loving
couples engaged in this romantic gesture.

However on this day, the Rocketman stood alone on the bridge, as all eyes turned
to him he took to the skies and raced down the key filled canal. As the Rocketman
achieved breakneck speeds, even the on-stage performers had stopped long enough to
catch a glimpse. After blowing past the stage the Rocketman slowed slightly before
banking left for his landing spot stage left. The Rocketman touched down and after a
moment of silence the crowd erupted in to a roar. The ceremony proceeded as planned
with the Rocketman playing a special role in one of the cities oldest traditions. As the
crew made their way through the crowded back stage the performers began to surge
towards the Rocketman, many in awe and some in disbelief of what they had just seen.

“This is one of the most spectacular flights I have seen yet,” said Sid Goodloe, long time
Technician and Safety Officer. “I think the people of Russia will be talking about this
performance for a long time.”


In a publicity stunt for the new video game “Halo Reach” from XBOX 360, the Rocketman wearing a Spartan Warrior costume flew around Trafalgar Square in London.

Dan Schlund, the pilot, and his manager West Gibson arrived a few days early to work with the costumers and make needed modifications.

West – ”Safety is a priority. It is important that the costume's weight and flexibility be monitored.  It only takes one wrong alteration by the costumers to change the dynamics of a flight. We were fortunate to work with the talented costume designers at Artem Visual Effects. They were extremely professional and the performance looked great.”

Dan – “What a rush! It never gets old; every time I fly it’s like a dream come true. This was a huge honor to work with Xbox”


Siberia Rocketman launch spot
London Rocketman and Halo Spartans