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Powerhouse Bio

Powerhouse Productions Inc. began nearly 3 decades ago with Kinnie Gibson’s dream to bring wingless flight to audiences around the globe. Powerhouse Productions entered the business world November 1981, with perseverance and determination; setting into motion the development of a company that is regarded as the world's foremost experts in Rocketbelt flight.

As with most great ventures, Powerhouse Production’s beginnings were modest. The company had anxious moments in its infancy. Initially, Kinnie would perform every task from booking the shows, piloting the Rocketbelt, and marketing until his wife joined ranks in 1985. Kinnie’s first show flight was July 1981; approximately one month after Kinnie had learned to fly the Rocketbelt. With the success of his first commercial show-flight came hope. A young Powerhouse Productions had taken its first step.

In addition to many other contributions to the Rocketbelt industry, Powerhouse Productions is responsible for increasing the flight duration by redesigning the machine using contemporary materials such as light alloys, titanium, aluminum, and composite. Powerhouse Productions also developed an innovative pilot and technician training program to guarantee quality and excellence. However, Powerhouse's greatest contribution remains their forward thinking and their desire to take its audience to the edge.

What started as one man’s dream to fly without wings has turned into a flourishing entertainment company with worldwide credentials and a reputation for producing quality Live Shows, TV Commercials, Documentaries, and Reality TV shows using our talented entertainers, gifted producers, creative graphic designers and experienced editors.


Past Performances

  • Halo: Reach Launch (UK)
  • NCIS: Rocket Man Episode
  • Superbowls XIX & XXI
  • Carnival (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)
  • Rose Parade
  • V-Energy Drink Campaign (New Zealand)
  • Games.com Clonetrooper Flight (Germany)
  • MTV Nitro Circus
  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show
  • Africa Cup (Angola)
  • Action Fest
  • The Tonight Show withDavid Letterman
  • Good Morning America
  • Star Wars- Boba Fett
  • Dittinger Air Show (Switzerland)
  • Sony 3-D Commercial
  • AFL Premiership Game (Australia)
  • Red Square Flight (Russia)
  • Michael Jackson Dangerous Tour (Europe)
  • 1984 Olympics
    For a complete list of all +700
    Show Performances click here
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