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How long can the Rocketbelt fly?

  • The Rocketbelt flies for a maximum of 30 seconds. In the same amount of time as a TV commercial, the Rocketbelt will leave a lasting impression with its viewers. The average mind can only focus on a single event for 30 seconds before it is lost on something else; with the Rocketman you will be sure to have your audience’s full attention.

How many Rocketbelts and Rocketbelt pilots are available?

  • Powerhouse currently has 3 machines available for hire.
  • Powerhouse has 2 show ready pilots with others in various stages of training.
  • Additionally, Powerhouse is the only company in the world capable of having two Rocketbelt pilots perform at the same time or in immediate succession.

What is the distance and height of a Rocketbelt flight?

  • We custom tailor every Rocketbelt flight to fit the needs of the client to maximize their coverage.
  • Standard flights allow our pilot to travel a distance of 150 to 200 meters at about 20 to 25 meters in the air, enabling the pilot to show the full maneuverability of the Rocketbelt.
  • If the Rocketbelt takes-off and travels in a straight line our pilot could travel 250 meters.
  • If the Rocketbelt flies up and over objects or buildings and lands on a platform or the top of an adjacent building the distance is reduced to 50 or 60 meters.
  • Currently the world record for height is 45 meters. WE WILL be breaking our own record sometime in 2011.

Does Powerhouse Productions sell Rocketbelts?

  • Not currently. Rocketbelts take a lot of time, energy, and money to master and fly safely. Training would need to be included in the sale, making this a time consuming venture for our company. Perhaps in the future.

Is the Rocketbelt safe?

  • Our Rocketbelts are not experimental and have never failed to perform during a show, unlike other experimental "jet packs" and knock off machines.
  • The Rocketbelt is 100% green technology.
  • The Rocketbelt uses non-flammable propellant. There are no flames or combustion.
  • The 800 HP thrust is simply super heated steam and an oxygen byproduct.

What kind of training does a Rocketbelt pilot undergo?

  • Each Rocketbelt pilot passes strict tests and training prior to being certified as a “Show Ready Pilot”.
  • In addition, pilots are require to pass background, drug and health tests.